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Suzanne Dubnicka, founder of All The Dogs, is a talented and experienced instructor and dog trainer. Her personal experiences training her own dogs and overcoming their behavioral challenges motivate and inspire her work. Her education and background provide her the knowledge and skills to help others with their dogs. She has earned numerous certifications in dog training, animal behavior, and canine fitness. You can read more about those credentials here or by clicking on the logos below. But what you really need to know is that Suzanne’s life is a continuous cycle of learning more and applying what she has learned. Her methods are always evolving to include what we currently know about dogs and why they behave the way they do.

Prior to becoming a dog trainer and behavior consultant, Suzanne taught undergraduate and graduate statistics for 20 years. While she has left the academic world behind, these years of teaching experience mean that she has the ability to not only train your dog but also to teach you to train your dog.

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How All The Dogs Began

My husband and I adopted our first dog Snitter with no forethought or planning. We went to a shelter to donate old blankets and came home with a heartworm-positive dog. I had had cats for years, but we knew nothing about dogs. Nothing. Thankfully, for us and for him, Snitter was a very tolerant dog. Despite our mistakes, he was a happy dog who just wanted to spend time with people.

When Snitter passed away from degenerative myleopathy, we knew we wanted another dog, but we still weren’t sure how to choose the right dog to join our family. Sometimes, however, the dog chooses you. At an adoption event, an uncertain 7-month old dog leaned against me, and I knew he was the one. Sprocket became my four-legged soulmate. That’s not to say that life was perfect. Sprocket was fearful: strangers and noises like fireworks and thunderstorms were the worst. We probably made some of his fears worse before we realized that we were doing so. But then we found a fabulous trainer with a strong background in behavior problems. Using Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) and other techniques, we started overcoming, or at least managing, some of Sprocket’s fears.

In the process of helping Sprocket, I learned a lot about dog training and behavior. Sadly, Sprocket was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma and died when he was only 5-years-old. But that’s when I knew that I wanted to learn more. That I wanted to help dogs like Sprocket. That I wanted to help All The Dogs.

All My Dogs

Currently, we have three dogs, Zoey, River, and Wish, and two cats, Seeley and Sigma. We adopted Zoey about a year after we got Sprocket. They were fast friends. River came home with us about 8 months after Sprocket died. Wish is the newest member of the family.


  • Loved all toys and all people, especially kids.
  • Neighborhood kids went out of their way to see him… sometimes making them late for school.  Oops.
  • Never chewed on shoes or cat toys or anything but dogs toys. Not once.
  • Best first dog ever


  • Loved all things squeaky.
  • Killed all things squeaky. In record time.
  • Loved dogs, especially Zoey.
  • Loved certain people. I count myself blessed for having been one of them.
  • Taught me more than I ever thought possible.
  • My heart, my motivation, my inspiration.


  • Princess Pitterfly
  • 100% American Pitbull Terrier
  • Loved to play with Sprocket. Other dogs? Meh.
  • Loves to nap… preferably on a person’s lap
  • Too many orthopedic surgeries: 2 FHOs, 2 TPLOs. Don’t know what those are? Consider yourself lucky.
  • Gets the zoomies… watch out!


  • Smarty pants. Sassy pants. Bossy pants.
  • Loves to learn.
  • And she applies that knowledge to suit her needs… sigh.
  • Sports: Barn Hunt and Tricks.
  • Loves squeaky balls, water, dogs, and people.
  • Fills the giant hole in my heart. I don’t know what I’d do without her.
handsome border collie


  • EmDogs As You Wish
  • 100% border collie
  • Loves frisbees. More than life itself.
  • Follows me everywhere.
  • My running buddy.
  • Sports: disc dog, agility, canicross, more?

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