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You can work with Suzanne in one of several ways. Check out the All Fired Up program and other options below. When you’ve decided on the best option for you, schedule a free strategy chat with Suzanne to get started.

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One-to-One All Fired Up Coaching Options

All Fired Up Coaching

One-to-one coaching with Suzanne that includes both scheduled sessions and between-sessions support. All Fired Up is the best option for motivated handlers who are ready to dig deep into resolving their dog’s big feelings. It is designed to tackle behavior challenges such as

  • barking/lunging at dogs or people
  • fear or shyness around dogs or people
  • resource-guarding
  • over-arousal or inability to settle

All Fired Up Hybrid Coaching is done on a monthly basis. The All Fired Up program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual dog and humans involved. Most clients invest in multiple months of coaching.

This program is one month long and consists of 4 weekly sessions (60 minutes each) plus private internet-based support throughout the month. The online support enables you to ask questions and get feedback, including video review, throughout the month. The first month also includes a 90-minute online consultation.

This option is for you if you’re looking for someone with certified expertise who can coach you through the process to effect change.

Additional One-to-One Coaching Options

Virtual Training Session

Do you feel pretty good about your dog’s training but still have some lingering questions? Or are you not even sure where to get started? Or maybe you need help troubleshooting a particular problem? A Virtual Training Session may be for you.

This option is best used for topics such as issues with household manners, crate training, loose-leash walking, or general training questions. Problems such as reactivity or aggression toward dogs or people, separation anxiety, noise phobias, general fear or anxiety, over-arousal, or other emotional challenges require long-term effort (see Intensive Coaching options above) for lasting change and are not appropriate topics for one-time coaching.


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