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THC Toxicity in Dogs

This is not one of my usual posts on dog training or behavior. With marijuana being legal in many states, including here in Oregon, I had my first, and with any luck only, experience with THC toxicity in dogs. What is THC? Without getting too science-y, cannabinoids...

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Is Your Dog Trained?

A quick blog post on dog training as a general concept. It might have been motivated by a question that makes me grit my teeth: Is your dog trained? But that leads to another question: What is dog training? Is your dog trained? Have you ever gotten that question? How...

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Overcoming Fear

I am recently took a bit of a vacation. Flying was involved. Are you afraid of anything? Spiders? Heights? Clowns? Well, I'm afraid of flying. Not complete terror kind of fear but lots of anxiety. In fact, I'm one bad turbulence incident away from a meltdown. One...

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To Do Or Not To Do

As a dog trainer, the questions I am asked the most start with "How do I stop my dog from ________?" Fill in the blank. How do I stop my dog from chasing the cat? Pulling on the leash? Jumping to greet people? Charging at the door when the doorbell rings? The list...

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Why Does My Dog Continue To Do That?

Pros and Cons of Intermittent Reinforcement Schedules Why does my dog counter-surf? Will my dog ever stop jumping on me when I come home? And does my dog always have to jump on strangers at the park? Why does my dog pull on the leash? And why does she continue to do...

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Consent and Dog Training

"I use positive reinforcement. Therefore, River consents every time we work. Every. Single. Time." That was my comment to a friend's Facebook post. It doesn't particularly matter what the original post was about. My response, however, is about consent and dog...

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