One-on-one Internet-Based Coaching for Canine Wellness

Suzanne helps dogs and humans live their best lives together by identifying and addressing the needs of both the dog and the human. Canine wellness is training, behavior modification, enrichment, and fitness combined in one package. Through this process, Suzanne answers questions such as

  • Why does my dog do that?
  • Can I train my dog to do this instead?
  • How do I train my dog to do this?
  • How can I accommodate my dog’s need to do that?
  • Why is my dog afraid of that person/place/dog/thing?
  • And much more!

Be prepared for this process to be as much about coaching you as training your dog!

Suzanne trains dogs using a reward-based approach and uses behavior modification methods that comply with the humane hierarchy. One-on-one coaching is available to remote clients via online services such as Zoom and Google Classroom.

Start with an Evaluation

All private coaching for canine wellness starts with an evaluation. During this evaluation, we will

  • set goals for your dog and you
  • determine current progress toward those goals
  • recognize obstacles to reaching those goals
  • review your dog’s history
  • discuss your history with your dog
  • implement management and prevention solutions to provide immediate relief to behavior challenges
  • formulate a plan and a projected timeline for meeting goals.

You can expect to get started on training during your evaluation!

Investment: $165 for 90 minutes

Implement the Plan

Your canine wellness plan may include a combination of

  • training and communication to teach your dog new skills
  • behavior modification to manage and address any fears or anxieties
  • breed- and dog-specific enrichment essential for high quality of dog life
  • fitness and exercise to enable your dog to participate fully in training and in life

The timeline depends heavily on a combination of your goals, current progress toward those goals, your dog’s history, your commitment to improving that relationship, and more.

We can vary the amount and frequency of direct contact you have with Suzanne depending on the plan we formulate and your comfort level and skills to implement that plan. Options include individual sessions, a package of multiple sessions, or a package of multiple sessions with online support between sessions.

A La Carte Option

This 60-minute virtual session can focus on the details of implementing the overall canine wellness plan. A perfect option for people who want to work independently but need some occasional help. Suzanne can

  • demonstrate training techniques, enrichment strategies, and behavior modification protocols
  • observe and coach you on implementing those same techniques
  • trouble shoot issues you’ve encountered
  • provide suggestions for continued progress

Of course, you are always able to invest in additional sessions in the future.

Investment: $110 for 60 minutes

Monthly Plan Option

This canine wellness package consists of 5 sessions scheduled throughout the month (5 weeks actually). Choose this plan if you want or need more hands-on guidance.

  • Each session is 60-minutes.
  • All sessions are online.
  • Make significant progress toward your goals in one month.

For longer term goals, multiple months can be purchased.

Investment: $525 for 5 sessions of 60 minutes each

Monthly Plan Plus Option

This plan is for people who want or need more contact with Suzanne between sessions. This package consists of 5 sessions scheduled throughout the month (5 weeks actually) PLUS the ability to ask questions and get feedback between sessions.

  • Each session is 60-minutes.
  • All sessions are online.
  • Access to a private Google Classroom where you can ask questions, post videos for feedback, and view video demonstrations (when appropriate) between sessions.
  • Make significant progress toward goals and troubleshoot on the go!

For longer term goals, multiple months can be purchased.

Investment: $650 for 5 sessions of 60 minutes each plus access to private Google classroom


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