In short, Suzanne gave me my dog back!

My Shadow first met Suzanne when she was a 10 week old pup. From her first day in puppy class, through adolescent class and into foundations, Shadow grew from the shy border collie that wouldn’t move from underneath my feet into a confident dog who was eager to try new things, and Suzanne was right there to guide her on her journey.

Sadly, at just 9 months of age, Shadow suffered a torn ligament in her hind leg which meant surgery and a long period of cage rest and rehabilitation. Lucky for us, Suzanne was ready with tricks and brain games to keep Shadow busy while she recovered.

When Shadow was physically ready to attend group classes again she was reactive to dogs and most other humans. That lead to private behavior adjustment therapy lessons on the cold Kansas prairie in February. Before long, it was spring and Shadow trusted human’s again. By summer’s end, Shadow was back in group classes!

It was sad to see Suzanne move so far away. Kansas’ loss is Oregon’s gain. I think of Suzanne every time Shadow crosses a new milestone. (Shadow just rocked a recall class so well that I can let her off leash to chase a frisbee with her sister!)

I like to joke that I’m leaving Shadow to Suzanne in my will.

Kate C.

We had the pleasure of working with Suzanne as our trainer for our dog Posey. She was very knowledgeable about canine behavior and provided positive training methods to help us work with our new puppy. Through the use of these strategies, and Suzanne’s support, Posey is a becoming a well-behaved and socialized dog. We are very appreciative of the confidence that Suzanne instilled in us that is aiding in our continual training of Posey.

Heather and Ryan R.

Suzanne was one of the trainers in the class we started when Cinder was 10 weeks old. She was very patient with Cinder and us. Over several months we worked through lots of challenges and ended up with a wonderful lab that is frequently complimented on her bahavior. We miss her and River since they moved.

Cheryl C.-B.

My daughter & I took our husky to a puppy class taught by Suzanne. Suzanne did a great job involving my daughter (11 at the time) and gave us a good toolkit of training techniques. We now have a husky who behaves well on a lead & will even go into her crate when asked. Suzanne is the first person I think of when I need dog-related advice.

Chris V.

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